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Our free search site for investigators and skiptracers, Black Book Online, has launched a unique new search engine that finds the physical location of a post office that corresponds to a P.O. box address.

"The most obvious use of the search is for locating witnesses and skips who are using a post office box for their mail," says private investigator and site creator Robert Scott. "People typically live close to their P.O. box for the sake of convenience. An investigator looking for someone will often have multiple possible addresses developed through public records and commercial skiptracing data. Knowing which address is closest to the P.O. box can be significant."

Scott says the search engine is the first of its kind and was built with data obtained from the post office. "This could have been built long ago, but no one else thought of it or cared to do it. The post office does have a post office locator on its website that will work based on a zip code. The problem is, some zip codes have multiple post offices in the zip code. For example, in Los Angeles, there's one zipcode with four post offices. Our search engine is able to tell the user which of the four the actual P.O. box is located at."

The P.O. box search has also been integrated into select search results at, Scott's restricted-access website for professional investigators and skiptracers.

For the free version of the P.O. box locator, visit the main page at Black Book Online, located at



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