Here's what real-life investigators have to say about "The Investigator's Little Black Book 3" :


From SECURITY MANAGEMENT (Official magazine of ASIS - American Society for Industrial Security):

"One word summarizes this resource: impressive. Author Robert Scott has researched, evaluated and assembled thousands of sources of information... This is one of the most useful resources an investigator could have. It's a must-buy."

"I would highly recommend it"
"I have no financial interest in this book, so this is nothing more than a neutral person giving a plug to a quality product. If you don't have this book, I would highly recommend it as it probably has more sources in one book than any other book you can purchase..."

Ryan Johnston, Private Investigator, Night Moves of Denver

"I wear the cover off mine..."
"The Little Black Book" is without a doubt the most valuable tool in an investigator's arsenal. It is the most utilized resource that our investigators use. I use it so much I wear the cover off of mine every year.

Phil Agrue, Past President, Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators

"You have done a tremendous job..."
"You have done a tremendous job in providing all of us in the professional investigative community with quick reference sources compiled in a manageable size. Book 2 was great! Book 3 is excellent! Any serious investigator needs at least two copies, one for the road and one for the desk. Never loan this book out or you'll never see it again."

R.W. Buz Salmon, Salmon Enterprises, L.L.C., Jackson, MS

"Indispensable Reference Guide!"

"For years our research company has catered to PI's from across the USA and we've never encountered anyone who didn't find "The Investigator's Little Black Book" to be an indispensable reference guide!"

Christopher Darryn, President

"Powerful Source!"

"The Investigator's Little Black Book 3 is a powerful source of information, indispensable in the hands of a professional investigator."

Robert Contreras, Specialized Investigations, Los Angeles, CA

"Comprehensive and informative..."
"Black Book 3 is the most comprehensive and informative book that can be on an investigator's, attorney's, or even a law enforcement's desk. The information in this book is so hard to find, it should be behind lock and key. When I thought Robert Scott out did himself with "Black Book 2," he goes out and tops it big time!..."

John  Savage, Private Investigator, Maine


Author of the original Investigator's Little Black Book, Robert Scott here updates his "huge collection of investigative resources." The volume contains an exhaustive amount of information on topics private investigators might find pertinent. Wonder what state issued a given social security number? Need information on Nevada brothels? Scott has the answers. The volume begins with an alphabetical listing of sources. Entries include phone numbers or Internet addresses for further information. Graphical icons indicate whether the information is new to the volume or restricted in some manner. The second section of the volume includes information on warning signs of electronic eavesdropping, caliber comparisons, a guide to concealed weapons, and over 30 more topics essential to the P.I. Much of the information is available via phone books and Internet sites the catch is knowing where to look. Scott has done the legwork and fashioned a book of practical and essential information. A great source of information for the professional private investigator and a good read for the armchair P.I., this is recommended for large public libraries. Karen Evans, Indiana State Univ., Terre Haute

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