Here are some the more interesting "sources" you'll find inside BB3*:

The Phone Disguiser

This unique service will be invaluable to investigators who conduct undercover phone investigations and need to disguise their true location. It will establish a phone number in any one of numerous area codes throughout the country -- but when the number is called, the call is routed through to your own desk. Just $9.95 a month!

Shoplifter Database

This unique database of shoplifters and crooked retail employees includes persons NOT criminally prosecuted who have signed confessions. Rare background source!

Nevada Prostitutes

Ten of Nevada's 17 counties allow legal prostitution and issue permits to prostitutes. Several counties allow public access to past and present permit applications. We have the details! Unique background investigation source!

The All-Night Reference Desk

Is it after hours and you need information that only the reference desk at a major library can provide, such as a "Who's Who" lookup? We've found one that's open 24 hours a day and will help by phone. Free!

Free People Locator Service

This national social service organization operates its own in-house investigation agency to reunite separated family members. An invaluable source for persons who can't afford the services of a professional investigator.

Bank Account Number Identifier

Every bank account number in the U.S. contains a 9-digit ABA number known as a routing number. Use this source to learn the bank involved by decoding the routing number.

Identity Theft 911 List

This indispensable list includes phone contacts for credit bureaus, check clearing services and government agencies to make notifications when identity theft has occurred.

Pill Identification Service

Have a pill, but don't know what it is? This service has trained pharmacists identify the drug and its legal status. Invaluable resource for workplace drug use investigations!

Environmental Super Database

This federal agency has combined several environmental permit and inspection databases into one single super lookup -- for free! Great background source for investigating businesses.

Firearm Tracing Service

This little-known service of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms will determine the serial number of a lost or stolen firearm if the gun dealer from whom the firearm was purchased is now out of business. Rare source!

Also Includes These Special Sections....

Criminal Record Sources:

Conduct statewide criminal checks in 43 of 50 states with our exclusive guide to criminal records! Our guide shatters the myth that statewide criminal checks are available to law enforcement agencies only!

Sex Offender Registries

Obtain sex offender registry access information for all fifty states from our exclusive and exhaustive summary of Megan's Law in each state!

FBI, DEA, ATF Phones

We've constructed the most comprehensive list of phone numbers for these and other federal law enforcement agencies from a variety of sources. You won't find a better phone directory outside of the official ones of the actual agencies!

Ten LAWFUL Sources of Bank Accounts:

We've identified ten sources where bank account information can be lawfully obtained -- without violating federal privacy laws!

Master List of Commercially Available Public Record Databases:

We've created a mega-list of public record searches that are available through the major data providers. Learn instantly what information can be obtained in any state or nationwide without signing up or signing on!


*Access to some listed sources may be restricted.